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How to improve sales training in the luxury retail industry

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Quality training is key in the highly competitive luxury market

High street boutiques are still a key component of the sales process for leading luxury brands. 

It it essential to provide staff members with advanced training opportunities to enable them to deliver outstanding services to an increasingly demanding clientele, who has now access to a wealth of online resources… not always accurate.  

Luxury products & services all have a singular story and an inherent complexity. 

To become the brand’s best ambassadors, sales staff need to be equipped with the right knowledge, constantly kept up to date.

Simply think about the sophistication of a luxury watch mechanism. How can you easily teach a global salesforce in an interactive way, beyond the usual on-premise workshops? 

That’s where digital channels come into play, activated around a LMS (Learning Management System)

complex watch mechanism training

On-the-go mobile courses

On average we check our mobiles phones every 12 minutes. They’ve become a part of our daily routine. They’re the perfect vehicle for on-the-go training, via short interactive sessions consumed by the sales staff when they have a few minutes to spare. 

Mobile-first LMS offer an engaging format, boosting engagement rates. 

Sales staff are already accustomed to mobile snack content, gamified scenarios and other mobile consumption patterns. 

They expect mobile devices to be their primary source of knowledge in every situation, accessible 24/7 at the tap of a button. You can’t ignore the opportunity to deliver sales training via mobile applications

AR & VR enhance digital training, at scale

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) have become a mainstream phenomenon, enhancing digital experiences as never before.

Augmented Reality (AR) adds an interactive digital layer to the real world

AR applications can superimpose 3D digital objects on your surroundings. Mixed reality enables you to  further manipulate these objects. 

Imagine all the opportunities offered by Augmented (mixed) Reality in the luxury retail industry, for consumer facing information and for staff training. 

You can easily showcase an infinity of product variations (e.g. watch faces or bracelets) or simulate any customer interaction in a real environment. 

augmented reality gif watch face
Alexandre Tapptic VR

Virtual Reality (VR) frees you from physical & geographical constraints

While AR is meant to blend in with the environment, VR frees you from the constraints of a specific location.

Your training initiatives are instantly global.

This cutting-edge technology, now affordable via standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest, can teleport sales staff into a simulated / controlled environment where they are asked to perform a series of tasks. 

Both AR & VR applications can be used in conjunction with a mobile-first LMS, where all the completed steps will be recorded.

Voice applications & chatbots in the Age of Assistance

Search has evolved from a keyword-centric model to a question-driven behaviour.

We all expect to get immediate answers.

Voice applications and chatbots are now capable to understand natural language queries to provide accurate answers to sophisticated requests.

Imagine a voice assistant in the backroom of your store, always available to answer your staff’s most burning questions: “Alexa, what is the warranty duration for our latest model? What does it cover?”

Voice assistants can also be embedded in mobile applications to diversify the interaction methods.

Chatbots are another conversational channel enabling both problem-solving and continuous personalized training.  

You don't want to be left behind!

Long gone are the days when sales staff training was only provided in face-to-face situations or via paper manuals. 

We have definitely entered the era of personalized digital training, leveraging the latest technologies incl. AR/VR, mobile applications, voice assistants and chatbots.

You don’t want to be left behind.

At Tapptic we are experts in innovative apps for all platforms and we already have a solid experience in the luxury industry. 

Let’s have a chat to see how we can help you take your training programme to the next level.

We offer you a 2-hour workshop to discover the latest tech innovations.  Just fill out the form to book a session with a Tapptic expert.

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Book a FREE 2-hour workshop to discover the latest digital training methods with a Tapptic Expert

We’ll come to your office or we’ll organize a conference call to introduce you to the latest tech innovations in AR/VR, AI, blockchain & much more !